Maintenance & IT Managed

We offer a team to manage and operate information technology systems, as well as professional information technology products and services at the most cost-effective possible rate


Data backup/restore Our Sysadmin team has a great deal of expertise in developing scripts to back up data on a regular basis and provide recovery support in the event that there is an issue. Customers can select the cycle, the time, and the number of copies

Server monitoring Our engineers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the construction of server resource monitoring systems. The detection of timely responses helps to reduce the number of service outages. In addition, we offer an online interface for monitoring the state of the server, such as %CPU, RAM, Network, and Disk

Cloud server service provision Initiating cloud server resources such as the central processing unit (CPU), random-access memory (RAM), storage capacity, and network system is something that our technical team is able to assist with. This is accomplished without the need to make investments in hardware equipment at the data center

Consulting and deploying Amazon Cloud services Our engineers have extensive experience in consulting and supporting service solutions (EC2, S3, SES, RDS, etc.) of AWS

Working process

Simple, clear, and easy-to-collaborate working steps

  • 01

    Information gathering
    Exchange of ideas, advice, research and clarification of requirements
  • 02

    Deployment planning
    Design of system architectures and tools
  • 03

    Deployment of tools, and launch of services as specified
  • 04

    Evaluation of quality, security, and stability
  • 05

    Warranty and maintenance
    Monitoring, statistics, receiving feedback, system maintenance