• Interactive Livestream Solution

    We develop programs that enable users to livestream, invite visitors to watch live, alter photos and colors, add frames and stickers, and more. Viewers have the ability to engage in direct conversation, participate in the broadcast, send gifts, and rack up point totals

  • Livestream Social Commerce solution

    We offer a livestream-based online shopping platform, where merchants may broadcast livestreams to introduce products directly from the warehouse, viewers can engage in conversation, browse available products, and place orders in real time

  • Online travel service solution

    We develop an online travel application that will enable users to search for information on tourist attractions and tourist destinations, make reservations at hotels and restaurants, purchase tickets for travel, and participate in experience tours. Also, service-based firms are able to market and sell their offerings with the assistance of this solution.

  • 360 VR image digitization solution

    We provide an online platform for tourism that uses 360 VR photos, as well as a platform for virtual reality exhibitions and fairs in 360 VR

  • Smart school solution

    This is a complete solution that can be implemented in the school ecosystem. It enables schools to easily implement technology in management and operation in order to maximize the efficiency of all daily activities while simultaneously establishing a clear communication channel between the school and the parents of students

  • Smart building solution

    We offer solutions for smart buildings that enable automatic face recognition of residents in order to open doors and access services, as well as the ability for residents to remotely unlock doors for visitors to their homes

  • AIOT Camera solution

    This is a solution that can transform a regular camera into an AI camera, as well as a centralized camera administration and storage system and a cloud platform that enables viewing and analysis of images using artificial intelligence technology

  • Online Education solution

    We provide learning systems, including instruction over the internet via video and in real-time through interactive classrooms

  • Telehealth solution

    We provide a remote medical examination and consultation application that can be used on demand, hence facilitating the pairing of medical professionals with patients. Video calls and instant messaging are both viable options for conducting consultations